Trees add beauty, sophistication, and strength to your yard, but only if you care for them properly. Given the moist, cool climate and the wealth of local wildlife, Michigan is full of pests and diseases that can severely harm your trees in short order. In order to keep them healthy, you must be aware of all your tree care options to treat them and begin such treatments as soon as you notice the signs of disease. Safari Tree’s tree injection services offer a swift, effective solution to severe tree diseases and are an excellent method of tree disease treatment, allowing you to restore your trees’ health while causing minimal damage to the local environment.


Our tree injection services are used to administer antibiotics, nutrients, growth regulators, and treatments for pests and fungal diseases. They involve injecting these substances directly into the plant’s vascular system. Compared to spraying such substances or administering them in the soil, injections have a number of advantages, including:
  • Rapid Results- Injections offer a quick solution to severe pest infestations, diseases, and other problems. If your tree is compromised and you don’t have much time to save it, they are often your best bet.

  • High Efficacy- In addition to achieving quick results, tree injections are highly effective ways to restore or strengthen your trees.

  • Low Cost- Though it depends on the specific substance you’re injecting and the equipment you use, tree injections tend to be more affordable. This makes them ideal if you have large numbers of trees and need to save money on the cost of caring for each one.

  • Environmental Sustainability- Because you don’t need to spray the treatment or spread it through the soil, tree injections reduce the amount of it that gets into the natural environment. This lowers the ecological impact of caring for your trees.

For all the benefits of our tree injection services, they should not be the only tool you use to care for your trees. Injections do wound trees somewhat, and if you administer them too frequently, the damage from these wounds can outweigh the benefits of the substance you’re injecting. You should thus use injections primarily for dealing with severe infections, nutritional issues, and other acute problems that require quick solutions. Injections should never be the only weapon in your arsenal, but they can make a valuable addition to it.

Safari Tree is an expert tree service who offers tree injection services and a range of other and treatments across Southeast Michigan. For more information or to order treatments for your yard, contact us today.