When it comes to tree disease treatment, tree fungus treatment and keeping your trees and shrubs healthy, never underestimate the significant threats that are too small to see. Fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms may not be as visible as exterior bugs and birds, but they present every bit as serious a danger to the life and health of your property. Fungus can affect leaf, bark, trunk, or other parts of a tree. It is important to watch out for the symptoms of the most common tree diseases in Southeast Michigan, as well as to take preventative measures that stop them from infecting your plants and curative measures to eliminate infections that have already started. Our tree care services and pest control services are designed to keep your trees and shrubs in good condition for the long haul.


In order to protect your plants from infection, it’s first necessary to recognize the sheer variety of diseases that trees ​are susceptible to in Southeast Michigan. These include:


Of all the diseases that can attack your trees, rust is one of the most varied. A family of fungus with thousands of members, rust gradually grows on the leaves of your trees, undermining it and creating an unsightly, orangish appearance. Responding to fungus quickly using a tree disease treatment and tree fungus treatment company such as Safari Tree is critical if you are to protect the health of your trees and the beauty of your yard.


In the battle to protect your yard from ​tree diseases and pests, some of the most serious threats are also among the subtlest. This is especially clear with leaf spot disease, a family of plant illnesses that are often difficult to separate from more mundane threats to your lawn and garden.


This tree disease is a grave threat to your trees. Characterized by a variety of symptoms, Anthracnose spreads quickly and causes serious damage. Anthracnose is a fungus that thrives in moist, cool climates which is why it is so prevalent in Michigan.


So named for the part of the tree that it attacks, needle cast disease is common throughout the Midwest. Needle cast infects spruce tree needles, quickly spreading from tree to tree. The sooner you treat needle cast disease, the better chance your trees have.


A tree canker is an indicator that your tree is suffering from an infection. Cankers typically form around a fungal infection or bacterial infection. Cankers tend to ooze liquid and possibly develop a foul smell. Clearing up a tree canker will help restore a tree back to health.


Oak wilt is bad news for oak trees. This tree disease is caused by invading fungus that eats away at the tree from the inside. Oak wilt commonly affects both red and white oak trees. This tree disease should not be taken lightly because of how quickly it can kill an oak tree.


Fungal infections present an enormous risk to plants in your yard, and trees are no exception. No matter how strong and healthy your trees are, they’ll always be vulnerable to fungus, which can penetrate nearly every part of these organisms, spread through them, and deprive them of the nutrients they need to survive.


Diplodia tip blight is a very harmful disease that affects several species of pine, especially in the Michigan area. Learn more about this tree disease and how Safari Tree can help your trees fight back.


  • Apple Scab – A fungal infection, apple scab infects both apple and ornamental crabapple trees. It causes yellow and dark green spots to form on the leaves, which gradually make the leaves wilt and fall off. The disease also infects the fruit, and dark spots can even spread to the lower sections of the plant.

  • Anthracnose – This fungal infection affects both shrubs and trees and tends to thrive in environments that are cool or moist. It causes wet, dark spots to form throughout the plant, particularly on the leaves, fruit, and stems. While anthracnose will not directly destroy your trees and shrubs, it does make them weaker, increasing the chance that they will be taken down by other diseases or by pests. This makes it important to address and eliminate this disease as quickly as possible.

  • Black Knot – This fungus causes a stark black gall to grow around the branches and stems of your trees, which is bumpy and rough to the touch. It attacks fruit trees, with a particular tendency to damage cherry and plum plants. It does not directly destroy the trunk of your trees, but it does open them up to infection from other fungi and bacteria that will destroy them.

Thanks to our region’s cool, wet climate and heavily forested countryside, virtually all yards in Michigan are vulnerable to these diseases. Even if you have never noticed them on your trees before, spores can blow them onto your property from miles away with little or no notice. Thus if you want to keep your trees in good condition, you must come up with a plan to prevent and manage these diseases.


Safari Tree is a tree disease treatment and tree fungus treatment company committed to eliminating every manner of tree disease quickly and comprehensively. We invest heavily in proactive care, preventing tree diseases from ever arising through:
  • Deep Root Feeding- Under our standard Tree Care Program, we fertilize your trees’ deep roots both during the spring and in the fall. This helps trees grow stronger, allowing them to resist any diseases that attack them more effectively.

  • Fungal Spray- We apply several rounds of fungal spray throughout the summer, which kills any spores that land on your tree or fungal illnesses that are at an early stage of development. As a result, fungi cannot establish themselves on trees, limiting their ability to spread and severely harm your yard.

  • Insect Control- By spraying insecticides periodically during the summer and applying dormant oil to keep them away in the spring, we not only directly protect the trees from insects. We also prevent insects from leaving openings for fungi to get into the plants.

In addition to preventing illness through our Tree Care Program, our team can eliminate established tree diseases as soon as you report them. We invest in a range of fungicides and other products that eliminate infections and will assess your trees in detail and determine which specific products they need to recover.

We then apply those products as many times as necessary to stop the disease. We will also advise you on how best to water and prune your trees, clear away debris, and otherwise address the conditions that cause tree diseases to spread. Don’t leave your trees exposed to fungus, bacteria, and other serious plant diseases in Southeast Michigan. For more information on our tree disease treatment, tree fungus treatment, and prevention services or to obtain a free estimate for your yard, contact Safari Tree today.