As a homeowner trying to protect your lawn from damage, it’s important to be prepared for a wide range of different problems. Insects, weeds, and rodents all present serious but distinct threats to your landscaping. Only by contacting an expert pest control service such as Safari Tree and addressing each of them can you keep your yard green and healthy for the long haul.

Voles and vole control present a particularly serious threat to Southeast Michigan landscaping. Also known as meadow mice or field mice, these rodents hide in obscure areas of your yard and consume your plants. You can tell the difference between a mole problem and voles, because moles leave large patches and mounds in your yard. Through proactive vole control measures from Safari Tree, you can repel or exterminate voles, leaving your plants free to grow. In addition to vole control and vole extermination, Safari Tree also offers mole control for lawns.


Voles are a particularly serious problem in Southeast Michigan because of our climate. The Great Lakes State is famous for heavy winter snowfall, which creates the perfect conditions for voles to hide, feed, and spread across your yard. Voles burrow down into the snow and feed off your plants throughout the winter. Then when the snow melts at the start of spring, they become more active, digging through the surface of your yard and leaving unsightly trails in their paths.

Vole extermination is particularly important in Southeast Michigan yards that have heavy, thick vegetation or that make heavy use of mulch. Both mulch and thick plant cover make it easier for these pests to hide and burrow through your yard. Heavy vegetation also serves as a source of food, encouraging more rodents to infest your lawn in the first place. The more ground cover, plants, and other cover types there are in your yard, the more important it is to invest in comprehensive pest control throughout the year.


In dealing with pests, many Michigan homeowners choose to invest in repellents. By applying repellent products that contain heavy amounts of thiram or similar chemicals, you can drive these pests out of your yard without directly killing them or changing the types of cover you have. By contrast, vole control and vole extermination involves killing or removing vole populations directly from your yard, along with making the landscape less attractive and vulnerable to pests.

When considering these two methods, take into account:
  • Size & Longevity- The more vole populations infest your yard and the longer they have been there, the more likely it is that vole repellents will be inadequate. While repellents will drive voles away in the short term, they become less and less effective over time.

  • Pain & Suffering- Vole repellents are widely considered more humane than vole control. Thus to the extent that they are effective, many homeowners prefer them.

  • Garden Effects- Never use thiram in your garden if you intend to eat the plants or feed them to your pets.

  • In addition to thiram, you can also repel these pests by installing fences around any plants that are vulnerable. As long as the fencing extends several inches underground, voles should not be able to tunnel under them, making it impossible for them to attack the plants.

In addition to vole control, Safari Tree also offers expert mosquito control servicesant control servicesspider control service, and more. Contact us today for more details.