Looking for mole control for lawns? Wondering how to get rid of moles in your yard? Safari Tree’s expert pest control service specializes in mole control. Of all the animals that infest your yard, moles stand out both for how common they are and for the serious threat they present. While they do not directly attack your plants, they burrow underground to feed on insects and earthworms, their food source. In doing so, they leave large patches and mounds in your yard; their tunnels may also cut through plant roots, killing vegetation.

Moles and voles are often times confused with each other, and you can tell which rodent problem you have based upon the type of lawn damage, as voles often times create dirt highways in your lawn. Only through comprehensive mole control for lawns can you contain this threat and allow your grass and shrubs to thrive. If you want to know how to get rid of moles in your yard, Safari Tree offers vole control solutions to homes and families throughout Southeast Michigan. Combined with our other pest control and lawn maintenance services, we keep your yard free from harm for the long haul.


While moles are a problem throughout the eastern half of North America, they are a particularly serious threat in Michigan thanks to a number of environmental factors. Chief among these is the heavy amount of forest cover in the Great Lakes State. Moles feed primarily on grubs and earthworms, which gather in soils with large numbers of trees nearby. Heavily forested areas are thus prime locations for tunneling invasions, making it essential for homeowners in much of Michigan to invest in pest control for their yards and mole control for lawns.

Besides its forests, Michigan is famous for heavy snowfall, which also contributes to mole attacks. The more snow there is on the ground, the more insulation moles have against cold air, allowing them to stay warm and active throughout the winter. Snow cover also makes it harder to catch these pests as they burrow into your soil. Since many areas of Southeast Michigan are completely covered with snow for up to a third of the year, mole control for lawns must be proactive, getting rid of invaders during warm seasons so there are none left once the snow begins to fall.


Safari Tree’s mole control program is designed to eliminate rodent infestations quickly and comprehensively. When you report an infestation, we will:

  • Survey the Scene- We begin by examining your property in detail and identifying all possible points of entry that moles might use. We make sure that you are dealing with moles specifically and not some other type of rodent. If they are to blame, we assess which tunnels they use for feeding, how deep those tunnels are, and how much moisture there is in the soil. All of these factors affect the type bait to use.

  • Commence Mole Control- Once we understand the infestation in detail, we begin placing poison bait in active tunnels throughout the property. We then begin monitoring tunnel activity, adjusting our traps or bait as the rodent population declines.

  • Respond & Replenish- As the number of invaders in your yard diminishes, their tunnels will begin to collapse, making it harder for the remaining moles to find our bait. We place additional bait in the ground to make sure all pests are eliminated.

Safari Tree offers quick but lasting results for mole problems and all other pests. Contact us today to find out how to get rid of moles in your yard and get a free estimate to have it taken care of!