Tree & Shrub Service

Protect and Nourish Your TREES & SHRUBS

We’re your local trees & shrubs healthcare provider

Our Healthy Tree Services:

  • Tree, Shrub and Ornamental Services
  • Fertilization and Routine Applications
  • Protective and Curative Solutions
  • Free Service Calls Included!

Protect the valuable assets on your property

We’re Local Michigan Based

We are located in your community! Because of that, we have sound knowledge of local Michigan trees, shrubs, and the weather conditions that effect them.

Expert Knowledge

You can rest assured knowing that Safari Tree is on the job. We employ certified arborists and other knowledgeable staff members to make sure that your diagnosis is accurate!

Services That Get The Job Done

Safari Tree offers a great selection of services designed to prevent damage, cure diseases or infestations, and improve the health of your trees and shrubs. We use the best products and equipment to insure that every application is a success!

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