Looking for “ant control services near me”? If you start noticing a trail of ants walking across your counter, you may have an ant control problem. You may have a more serious ant problem than just those you can see and require pest control services such as Safari Tree’s expert ant control services. Ants have a fascinating work ethic in that they are able to communicate and assign tasks in an effort to grow and expand their colony. While this may be great for the ants, it is not so much for you and your home.

Taking preventative measures and talking to Safari Tree’s experienced ant control services is critical to controlling and eliminating these pests from your home, as once their colony has been established, it is more difficult to eradicate them from your property. In addition, the more common areas you will see ants is in and around your foods, which can cause health issues as direct result of their waste contaminating the food as ants are drawn into the homes looking for food, especially anything that is sweet and sticky. Furthermore, some ants bite, which makes them a threat to your family and pets. We recommend taking all the necessary measures to protect yourself from ants at all costs.

In addition to ant control services, Safari Tree’s pest control experts also offer mosquito control services, a spider control servicemole control for lawns, and more.


Regardless of the ant species, all colonies tend to have at least one queen ant (there are some that have multiple queens) whose primary role is to grow the colony by laying eggs by the thousands. Each colony of ants can hold up to half a million ants, with the worker ants living up to seven years, while a queen can live up to 15 years! Because ant populations can expand so quickly, it could be necessary for an ant removal service such as Safari Tree.


Below are some of the more common ants found in Southeastern Michigan:
  • Odorous Ant – these are the more common ants you will find wandering in your kitchen. They tend to enter the home through cracks and crevices, and are known to nest in the walls, window frames of the home once they are in. Their name comes from the fact that when you crush these ants, they will emit a smell of rotten coconuts. They are more of a nuisance than a danger, but you still may require ant control services as they can contaminate your food if they are not eliminated.

  • Red Pavement Ant – typically, as per their name, you will find these ants are seen on sidewalks, driveways, on concrete and/or asphalt. They tend to have large colonies, with at least one queen ant laying eggs, allowing for rapid reproduction. They will eat any types of food, so if they make their way into your home and find food sources, they can and will infest that area in your home and turn into a household pest. Ant control services can prevent this from becoming a problem.

  • Formic Ants – these ants feed off the honeydew created by aphids and while they do not sting, they can bite if threatened as well as spray formic acid from the tips of their abdomens. They are usually nesting in open grassland or under rocks.

  • If you have seen ants crawling around inside your house and you are searching for “ant control near me”, you may already be infested and you should contact a professional Pest Control service provider, with ant control services such as Safari Tree, to come out and exterminate them from your home. We have locations in Rochester Hills, Brighton, Plymouth, Grand Blanc and Saginaw, Michigan.



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