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Looking for “Pest Control Near Me” in Saginaw, Michigan? Seeing pests in and around your home is never reassuring. Whether you’re dealing with insects, arachnids, or rodents, pests on your property can diminish your comfort or even put you and your family at risk of a serious health issue.

That’s why securing reliable pest control service in Saginaw is so crucial, and locals look to Safari Tree when in need of the safe and efficient removal of many different types of pests.

Safari Tree’s pest control service in Saginaw, Michigan provide a wide range of services designed specifically for the needs of residents of Southeast Michigan. We also offer a pest control package so you can rest assured that your property will remain insect and rodent-free for as long as possible. The following are a few of the pests we are equipped to vanquish, as well as the benefits of our highly effective Defender Program.

Some of the pest control services Safari Tree offers for Saginaw residents include a tick control service, mosquito control services, ant control services, mole control for lawns, a spider control service and more.


Michigan is home to numerous spiders, some of which can be hazardous to pets and humans. For example, the venom of the Latrodectus mactans, otherwise known as the southern black widow, contains neurotoxins that cause painful muscle contractions for an extended period of time.

Other spiders that call Michigan home, including the cross orb weaver and American house spider, are not toxic, but their bites can cause pain or a stinging sensation. Because spiders are most active in the early summer months, this is the best time to contact a pest control company in Saginaw MI.


Saginaw Pest Control Service

Moles can really do a number on your lawn if left unchecked. In their quest for food, which is usually worms and grubs, they tunnel under your lawn, thereby wreaking havoc on it and any plant life they encounter. The first step is to identify the pest in question.

Tunneling is a tell-tale sign of a mole infestation, but your pest control service specialist will be required to make the proper determination. From here, the characteristics of the tunnels will be evaluated so the specialist can determine the best possible bait to use. Your lawn will be rebaited once the mole population has been reduced to prevent a re-infestation.


Mosquitoes are a primary vector for West Nile virus, and 1 out of 150 of those who are infected suffer from serious, sometimes life-threatening consequences. While can reduce your risk of being bitten by using insect repellant and removing standing water from your yard, pest control is crucial to keep the exterior of your home safe and secure.

Safari Tree offers effective removal methods, including both organic mosquito control services and conventional applications. Our organic application is effective for an entire season without posing a risk to human or pets. We also apply a larvacide to areas with water to prevent new mosquitoes from being born.


Ants target food stores in your home, which poses issues to sanitation and cleanliness. Additionally, once an ant colony is established, it’s much harder to get rid of. Odorous ants are the ones most often found within the home, and this variety can easily make a nest within your walls without you even being aware. In this case, an exterminator is crucial to locate all potential areas of entry.

This can be quite difficult to do on your own, especially when considering just how pervasive ants truly are. From here, your exterminator will work to apply the proper bait to attract ants and prevent them from returning.

When asking “where can I find an effective pest control service near me”, keep in mind that Safari Tree addresses all of the above pests, as well as voles, stinging insects, and fleas. We also offer a Defender Program, which provides up to 14 pest control applications on your property. This covers all manners of insects and spiders and keeps you and your family protected during the seasons when insects are most active. You can get started on your free estimate by calling (844) 500-8733 or by filling out our get quote form.


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