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Looking for “Pest Control Near Me” in Brighton, Michigan? Keep bugs at bay with the smart strategies of Safari Tree’s Pest Control Service. Most insects and other pests make their prime appearances during the spring and summer seasons. However, that doesn’t mean they cease to exist during the rest of the year.

With southeastern Michigan’s typical climate, most species go dormant during the winter. For optimal health and safety in your home, your pest control service in Brighton, MI should provide effective year-round protection.

Some of the pest control services Safari Tree offers include a tick control service, mosquito control services, ant control services, mole control for lawns, a spider control service and more.

Understanding Your Pest Problem

The life cycles of common household and yard pests can vary quite a bit. For instance, the queen of an ant colony can live for up to 15 years. Spiders live on average between two and seven years and mole lifetimes span around three years. Before emerging for warm weather, these creatures are making their homes to help satisfy their need to feed and breed. They want habitats that meet a few important requirements: warmth, adequate shelter and access to food and water. Guess what offers all three of these critical needs? Your home and yard.

These key facts are why your pest problem goes much deeper than the ones you see and kill. Any pest control strategy must target the problem at its sources. That means preventing their entry and discouraging them from nesting on your property.

Pest Control Services Near Me?

Pest control service in Michigan

As a homeowner, you know that you face multiple types of pest problems during an average year. If it’s not ants, it’s termites, spiders, fleas, ticks or mosquitos.

Wildlife of the furry four-legged variety, such as moles and voles, can also make life difficult for you and your family. All these are nuisances, but they can also threaten your household’s safety.

They can undermine the integrity of your home’s structures, transmit diseases or pose other threats with painful and harmful bites or stings. For these reasons, pest invasions are simple one-note problems. They may require multi-pronged strategies for effective control and prevention.

Prevention Begins at Your Perimeter

In order to get into your home, pests must often cross its perimeter. Some might crawl in through your doors and windows or hitch a ride on your cargo, but most enter through breaches in your walls, eaves, roof or foundation. Even a tiny crack could be large enough for a spider to squeeze through, and many species of termites need wood-to-ground contact through which they can invade your home. A pest control plan should include periodic perimeter treatments to discourage entry.

Multiple Applications for Effective Coverage

Pests are tenacious creatures, so your pest control methods should be just as persistent. Within the pest control industry, it’s a known truth that multiple applications of a treatment both work for combating current pests and preventing their future growth. Besides laying down a barrier around your home, treatments should also focus on where pests are most likely to nest and feed:

  • Eaves spraying to demolish wasp and hornet nests
  • Targeted flea and tick applications
  • Mosquito treatments and larvicides in outdoor areas
  • Repellents or bait for moles and voles

Those are just a few examples, but they illustrate how thorough any full-service pest control program needs to be. With modern innovations in pest control, homeowners can choose between organic and traditional methods.

Your Pest Control Company in Brighton MI

Your search for “pest control near me” is over. Safari Tree is the area’s premier expert on tree and home pests, offering a full menu of pest control and tree services. With comprehensive and cutting-edge methods, we help residential customers maintain safe, healthy and beautiful homes.

As a part of the Lush Lawn family, we’ve proudly served Southeast Michigan for over 15 years. To learn more about our comprehensive Defender Program or request a free quote, complete our online form or call us at (844) 500-8733.


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