What’s A Good Fall Fertilizer For Trees And Shrubs

Whenever the topic of fertilizer comes up, the first thing that comes to mind is probably your lawn. But your trees and shrubs need nourishment, too, especially before the snow starts flying. And there are many good fall fertilizers for trees and shrubs that you can try.

One of the most important reasons to fertilize trees in fall is to winterize them. By fertilizing your trees, you’re helping them build up their energy stores. You’ll be making their roots stronger.

It’s a critical part of any tree care plan. Especially if you’re not sure about your soil conditions. Let’s go over a few more benefits of using a good fall fertilizer on your trees and shrubs and what types of nutrients your trees may need this time of year.

What Fall Tree Fertilizers Provide

First and foremost, fertilizing in the fall will replenish all of the nutrients your tree needs after a long, hot summer. Your tree will be less stressed, less susceptible to disease and bounce back more quickly and vibrantly in the spring. 

Typically, if your tree is not looking as good as it should, you should be checking your soil health. A soil test will tell you if your tree is getting enough nutrients. If they’re not, a fertilizer application will provide the added boost your tree needs. 

You may notice better color and a nicer overall appearance of your trees if you’re applying a good fall fertilizer each year. 

How Much Fertilizer Will You Need?

The majority of experts advocate adding 1 to 3 pounds of slow-release nitrogen per 1,000 square feet of tree bed. However, you’ll need to do some math to determine the exact quantity of fertilizer you’ll need. You can start by figuring out the square footage of the beds around your trees and shrubs.

You would go through all of this if you’re going to use granular fertilizer or liquid fertilizer that you’d apply by spraying. In either case, precise measurements may be required. 

Best Fall Fertilizer For Trees Is Deep-Root Fertilization

If you’re not interested in doing math, here’s another option—deep root fertilization.

This is done by injecting the fertilizer into your tree’s vascular system. You can do this twice each year: once in the early spring, and then again in the fall. It’s a better approach because you’re fertilizing the root system directly, rather than just adding something to the soil. 

Safari Tree Can Help

Applying fertilizer in the fall is critical before the growing season ends. It can be a lot to deal with, especially if you haven’t had to do it before. But Safari Tree’s experts are expertly trained at administering fall tree fertilizers.

Whether it’s a deep-root fertilizer that you need, or want to revamp your overall tree care plan, Safari Tree can help you. Our goal is to ensure that your yard is looking its best all year round.