Tree Fungus Treatment and Prevention

tree fungus treatment

Tree owners beware – you may just have some unwanted guests living in your trees! Tree boring insects are bad news for your property. Left to themselves, they can do serious damage to your trees.

Early last week, one of our rover tree technicians diagnosed and uncovered the larvae of boring insects in multiple trees during his property visits.  What caught his eye was seeing a large sap ball on the outside of a tree, and when he cut into it, it revealed the larvae that was living and sustaining on the bark of the tree!  So who are these critters invading the valuable assets on your property?

Emerald Ash Borer

Common to southeast Michigan is the Emerald ash borer, an exotic beetle that was discovered near Detroit in the summer of 2002.  The adult version of these tree boring insects tend to feed (nibble) on the actual foliage, but causing very little damage and impact to the overall health of the tree itself.  

tree fungus prevention

However, the larvae of these beetles can cause severe damage to the tree, for while it feeds on the inner bark, by doing so, they disrupt the ability of the tree to carry nutrients and water from its roots to the rest of the tree.  If these infestations are not diagnosed or treated immediately, the results could lead to the death of the tree plus an infestation spread to the other trees on your property!  

So not only do you lose your trees but the you could potentially incur costs as a direct result of having to remove the dying trees, exterminating these pests altogether, and then having to replace the trees.

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At Safari Tree, not only do we have top professional tree & shrub healthcare technicians on staff that have been trained to diagnose problems like tree boring insects, but we have a great Wedgle insecticide treatment plan that can eliminate and prevent these pests from infiltrating your trees all season long.

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