How To Implement A Natural Mosquito Control Program At Your Home

If you’re wondering about natural mosquito control, you know it’s almost that time of year again when those biting bugs will be buzzing about your yard at dusk. Natural mosquito repellants are safe. And they’re a reliable way to chase away mosquitoes.

Your backyard is an area where mosquitoes love to look for blood. But if you’re already taking precautions (like removing standing water and not wearing dark-colored clothing) you may need something more to stop the bites.

So, let’s look at some natural mosquito control options you can implement at your home. 

What Attracts Mosquitoes To You?

There are a few reasons mosquitoes will try to bite you. ​​It could be the carbon dioxide that you’re exhaling. Or it might be the body heat you’re giving off. But once a mosquito gets close enough to you, she will respond to the smell of your skin because she’ll recognize it as a blood source.

Mosquitoes need blood to reproduce, so they won’t give up very easily. So, if you want to drive them away without exposing yourself and your family to potentially harmful chemicals, then here are a couple of options.

Natural Mosquito Repellant

The first thing you can try is to change the smell of your skin to something mosquitoes don’t like. So, your natural mosquito control play may start with a natural mosquito repellant. 

You can do this by developing your own essential oil. Using lemon eucalyptus, peppermint oil, and citronella are proven to effectively repel insects. It’s both eco-friendly and can help you to avoid skin irritation.


In fact, researchers say a natural chemical found in lemon eucalyptus called p-menthane-3,8-diol (or PMD for short) may be as effective as the synthetic mosquito repellant DEET. PMD is one of the five chemicals recommended by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as a mosquito repellent and the only natural one on the list.  

If you like vanilla ice cream, you’re going to love this idea. Mix a little vanilla extract with some water and rub it on your skin to keep the bugs away. Peppermint works the same way.

Natural Mosquito Control

We already mentioned avoiding wearing dark clothes and getting rid of standing water in your yard to try to cut down the number of mosquitoes in your yard. But you can also try trimming your trees and shrubs. Add a mosquito-eating fish to your pond or plant things like citronella in your garden.

If you’re already trying these things and still ending up with bites, try choosing a safer spray for extra control from a natural mosquito control company.

Safari Tree Natural Mosquito Control Service

Safari Tree can effectively control mosquitoes in your yard without harsh chemicals. Our natural mosquito control is a surface treatment. It starts by evenly spraying your lawn evenly with our natural control products. This treatment will protect you for about three weeks, and then your yard will need another round of spraying. 

The good news is that most southeast Michigan homeowners can keep their yards completely clear with only 5 treatments per summer. Because our spray has no negative side effects, we can use it more often. This will keep your yard free of mosquitoes and other pests more consistently throughout the year.

If you’re interested in learning more about Safari Tree’s natural mosquito control service, contact us today.