Fall Tree Care

Fall Tree Care

As we begin to transition from the summer season to the fall season, even though we are still dealing with the heat, it isn’t too early to start preparing the trees and shrubs on your property for the eventual change in weather. It is important to plan ahead and consider fall tree care.

These valuable assets on your property may appear thriving and hardy, but the exposure to the hot, summer sunshine for extended periods of time can impact the health of your trees and shrubs. Without knowing, these trees and shrubs become more sensitive to infestations of both pests and fungal diseases.

Ensuring that your trees and shrubs regain their health is critical to protecting them from the cooler temperatures before the next growing season, as the cold weather can and will compromise their survival. Fall tree care is vital for the health of your trees all the way through to the next growing season.

Fall Tree Care Tips

  • Water: The most important step to take right now is to make sure your trees and shrubs are receiving enough water, so heavy watering around the base of your trees and shrubs is strongly recommended.
  • Mulch, Fertilizers: Applying new mulch, fertilizers and other preventative tree care can be very beneficial as they start slowing down their growth to prepare for the winter.
  • Planting: Fall is also the best time to plant new trees and shrubs on your property as it gives them the opportunity to establish their root system with cooler temperatures in the soil as well as adequate watering.

Proper tree and shrub care are important to protect these assets on your property, and having a comprehensive preventative care program will help in giving you that piece of mind. For expert fall tree care, contact Safari Tree for an absolutely free estimate today!

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