Deep-Root Feeding For Trees and Shrubs

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably worry about fertilizing your grass at least once a year. However, don’t overlook your shrubs and trees! You may require deep-root feeding.

Deep-Root Feeding: What Is It?

Deep-root fertilization is a process that is typically administered in the spring or fall

A trained professional injects a high-quality organic nutrient solution (containing macronutrients, micronutrients, and important trace minerals) into the root zone of trees (or shrubs). The injections are under pressure, which also helps aerate the root system, which helps re-oxygenate the tree’s root zone.

How To Tell If You Need Deep-Root Feeding?

One factor is the soil. Compacted soil is not good. If your tree or shrub is planted in compacted soil, they’re probably not getting all of the nutrients they require because they can’t penetrate the soil. 

Standard fertilizers can’t get through compacted soil. Your trees and shrubs may also lose nutrients to your lawn’s roots that are competing to stay healthy.  

Also, check what type of plant it is. If a plant is removed from its natural habitat where the soil is different, it may struggle in its new location.  

Why It May Be Necessary

Root damage and disease can keep your trees and shrubs from thriving, so look for the signs. They include:

  • Canopy Dieback 
  • Trunk Cracks or Splits 
  • Leaning
  • Leaf Drop
  • Wilting or Brown Leaves

If the branches and leaves of your tree show any signs of growth stress, deep root feeding replenishes the soil and invigorates roots that may be struggling.

Safari Tree Can Help

Mature shade trees don’t seem to respond as well to deep-root feedings. But ornamental trees and shrubs can really benefit. That’s because mature trees are much larger and tend not to require supplemental nutrition. 

But injecting nutrients into smaller trees and shrubs promotes enhanced growth and vigor. The positive effects of the injections are felt above ground and beneath the surface of the soil as well. Your trees (and shrubs) will become healthier and more resistant to disease and insect infestation.

If you suspect that a tree is in need of deep-root feeding, a professional consultation with our arborists can quickly determine if treatment is necessary. 

At Safari Tree, we offer a wide range of tree injection services across Southeast Michigan. For more information or to order treatments for your yard, contact us today.