Advanced Tree Care For The Summer

Summer is one of the hardest seasons on trees.  That’s why you need advanced tree care. Extreme heat, combined with little water can put a tremendous amount of stress on your trees, making them susceptible to infestations and diseases. 

Safari Tree is Southeast Michigan’s advanced tree care expert tree service. So, we put together a list of tips for homeowners to give their trees the attention needed this summer.

Check The Soil

Poor soil conditions can cause a number of issues for your trees.  Check the pH balance of your soil to ensure your trees are getting the nutrients they need.  Also, soil compaction can prevent strong root growth and the trees’ ability to take in much-needed water.

Deep Watering

 Unlike lawns that need to be watered regularly, many trees prefer the soil to be deeply soaked once a week.  Depending on the size of the tree, water a foot or two away from the base of the trunk.

Watch For Pests

Many bugs love to shade themselves under the leaves of the trees.  Stand under your tree and look up…if you see a noticeable population, you may need to purchase an insecticide or call in an arborist.  

Look For Signs

Leaves are typically the first indicator if there’s an issue with the tree.  Chew marks, discoloration, and leaf distortion are signs that your tree may have a disease or infestation.

Mulch Smart

Do not mound mulch up the tree trunk!  There are cells at the base of the trunk that take in carbon and air – much-needed nutrients.  Mulch only needs to be approximately 2 inches from the ground.   

Avoid Watering Leaves

 Some people find it tempting to “cool down” their trees on a hot day by spraying the leaves with water.  Those water droplets can act as a magnifying glass in the hot sun and actually burn the leaves.  Keep watering to the root zone!

How TO mulch a tree in Michigan

You should also try to keep fertilization to a minimum.  Unless the tree is in obvious need of help, there’s no reason to fertilize in the summer. Trees require a healthy dose of nutrients after a harsh winter, and again in the fall, after a stressful summer.

Founded in Grand Blanc and headquartered in Rochester Hills, Lush Lawn – Safari Tree has been providing Southeast Michigan with superior lawn and tree care since 2004. 

In addition to tree care, Safari Tree offers a pest control service including mosquito control services, ant control services, mole control for lawns, and a spider control service.

The company currently operates four branches in Southeast Michigan (Rochester Hills, Grand Blanc, Brighton, and Plymouth) and employs over 90 sales and service personnel, as well state-certified technicians and arborists.